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Quick Hits Training Library 2

An all-new youth ministry course to help you reach the next level.

  • Tips for Teaching Teenagers
  • Based on the premise that if you’re having conversations with teenagers you’re actually “teaching.” Veteran youth pastor Theo Davis shares three specific ways you can enhance your communication to teenagers by being more visual, brief and simple. Simple doesn’t mean simplistic and brief isn’t without depth. If you’re someone who wants to improve how they communicate, this training is for you. 
  • Navigating Change in Your Ministry
  • It has been said that the only who likes CHANGE is a wet baby. Unfortunately the world and the church brings change that we (as leaders) have to learn to navigate. One of our favorites (senior pastor) Albert Tate share with us the key dynamics that are part of change that every leader needs to understand. If you’re the one who casts the vision or receives the vision, this training is essential to help you grow as a leader. 
  • The Importance of Belonging
  • Adolescence is both a developmental reality and a cultural phenomenon. A teenager’s need for belonging is a combination to understanding both these realities. Our need for belonging is tied into God’s design (you are made in the image of God) and there are some things a youth worker can do to help a teenager see to whom and where they belong. You love teenagers? Sure you do! That’s where you’re a learner… keep learning and help teenagers better understand God’s design for their lives. 
  • Keychain Leadership
  • One of the amazing realities of youth ministry is that caring, adult leaders are able to make a difference in a teenager’s life by the mere act of suggesting. In this training video Dr. Yulee Lee talks about simple ways we can hand over the keys of leadership to teenagers. It’s not as complex as we might assume. Listen and learn from Yulee as she helps us understand that our churches will be healthier as we give teens the keys to leadership and set them on discovering new frontiers. 
  • Ministering to Both Genders
  • For most youth workers, the opposite gender is a little bit of a mystery. Fortunately, 30 year youth ministry veteran Heather Flies helps us learn how to connect with the opposite gender in very practical ways. She speaks to both male and female youth workers and presents simple actions we can take to connect with and care for the opposite sex. This will definitely cause you to think a little more deeply about those God has called you to work with.

What People Are Saying:

As a leader I want to keep learning and as a leader of volunteers I want them to continue to learn and grow as well. These (bonus) course are the perfect tool to keep the conversations that started at the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training going!

Todd Pearage, PA

I thought DYM outdid themselves with the content in the National Day of Training but then they offered up this 5-session bonus course for DYMU! Can’t wait to see how this new training impacts our student ministry!

John Keim, IN

DYMU continues to provide excellent training for volunteers and I’m excited for my team to jump into the bonus content of National Day of Volunteer Training. It will take us to the next level!

David Reed, TX