Youth Ministry Course 101

Start here! 6 great sessions covering skills and essentials to be an effective youth worker… just take a look below!

If you’ve been serving teenagers for 20 minutes or 20 years, you can always benefit from some solid, practical youth ministry training. All effective leaders are learners and if you want to continue to improve and develop as a leader you must continue to learn! At YMU, we’re both happy and honored to help in your learning pursuit! 

This first course (101) is PACKED with essential topics that will ADD to your existing foundation and assist you in being more successful in your ministry. We’ll start with some essential basics and walk you through the needed character qualities seen in all good youth workers. We'll move to specifics on remembering names, and also give you some insight into understanding and developing your own style of relational youth ministry. 

If you’re a rookie or a veteran, we've made it easy for you to get training as well as the ability to interact with the material. Each course has a downloadable outline to help you follow along... and, if you're really ambitious... we've got some interactive questions/evaluations/reflections that you can fill out to recieve a Certification from YMU. If you’re a veteran, you already understand that healthy leaders must continue to grow and learn, and we’re proud to know there are leaders like you who want to master some youth ministry essentials and share your wisdom with others on your team. 

Each session with the Youth Ministry 101 course includes: (1) 10-minute training videos, (2) a downloadable outline, and (3) a fun, interactive, quiz and reflection platform (for those who want to turn this into a Youth Ministry Certificate). It's learning made easy... at your speed. 

  • SESSION 1: Leaders Commit to Learning (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 2: Three Essential Traits for All Youth Workers  (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 3: Remembering Names in Youth Ministry (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 4: Understanding Relational Ministry  (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 5: Understanding the Students You’re Working With (Chap Clark) 
  • SESSION 6: Pastoral Care for Teenagers (Katie Edwards)

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NOTE: If you're the lead youth worker, family pastor, CE director, senior pastor (basically, anyone overseeing youth ministry) you might want to check out our All Access (include all courses, including 101-401) that includes a license agreement so your volunteers can receive on-demand training throughout the year and (if they want) complete a Certificate in Youth Ministry.

Doug Fields & Josh Griffin’s 50+ year combined years of youth ministry experience is now available to help train, shape, and resource you as a youth worker. In addition, they’ve invited some of the key thought leaders in youth ministry to chime in and add to your youth ministry education. Each class is only 10 minutes long and filled with wisdom, insight, and helpful tips to make you more effective. Experience one Course… or, better yet, complete all 26+ sessions (Courses 101-401) to receive a YMU certificate and join the growing list of graduates.