Instant training for you and your volunteer team. Access every video for one low price! 

Since 2018 more than 50,000 volunteer youth workers have been given access to this amazing content from some of the most recognized voices in youth ministry today.

You can give your volunteers IMMEDIATE access thru the very affordable complete site license and they'll be learning from some of the very best veteran youth workers.  

Equipped volunteers are essential for a healthy youth ministry. But you can't just expect them to grow on their own... but now you can give them the tools to feel more confident in dealing with kids, parents and the church... and you'll become the hero!

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Help your volunteers grow with relevant bite-sized training 

Leading voices in youth ministry become instructors and teach volunteers through short (10-minute) on-demand video training. There are dozens of sessions to choose from and they can also take interactive tests to personalize the practical training.

You make it so easy for them! It's available on any device, day or night, on THEIR schedule. See why 1000's of volunteers prefer this type of on-demand training to long meetings.

Behind every great volunteer youth worker

is great volunteer training  

Few people stumble into youth ministry as "naturals". Most of us want and/or need training to be more effective in ministry. YMU helps make great youth workers! So whether you're a new volunteer or a youth ministry vet, we've got specific training to help you increase your skills, solidify your confidence, ignite your passion, and deepen your faith.

Quick 10-Minute Training Videos

The number 1 excuse we hear is, "I'm too busy to attend that training!" With YMU you can now counteract that statement with an empowering response, "Just give me 10 minutes a week/month/etc...." If a leader can't invest a few minutes of learning, chances are good they won't become healthy leaders. YMU is filled with short videos that pack a big punch. Hook them on one and they'll quickly want a 2nd... learning triggers learning. 

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All-Star Instructors with Decades of Experience 

Our instructors literally write the books on youth ministry. These are not rookies, but veteran practitioners and academics with decades of youth ministry experience. Most churches can't afford their in-person honorariums... now you can have several all-star voices to choose from. 

Meet the Instructors

Reflection Answers Sent to YOU as the Lead Youth Worker

A great perks of YMU is that every time a volunteer completes a course YOU will receive their thoughts and reflections. This will provide you a simple opportunity to affirm their learning and follow-up with conversations that will take the practicality of the content and allow you to help contextualize it. 

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Start with a course just for you ...

Youth Ministry 101

And we're off! 6 great sessions covering skills and essentials to be an effective youth worker… take a look at all the topics.

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Youth Ministry 201

This class has 8 sessions including discipline, mental health, discipleship, suicide prevention, and more on relational ministry.

Next Level

Youth Ministry 301

Learning continues with 6 sessions on youth culture, avoiding burnout, caring for hurting teenagers, digital discipleship and more!

Advanced Learning

Youth Ministry 401

7 more sessions on teamwork, speaking to teenagers, staying sharp, asking ?’s & ... more practical trainings to help leaders win! 

Veteran support

OR get every course on the entire site for YOU and ALL of your volunteers for one low price... seriously, it is low!

YMU Entire Site License

You'll never have a healthy youth ministry without healthy volunteer leaders. Now, it's simple and super affordable for EVERYONE in your youth ministry. 

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How it works

It's super easy with two options: (1) buy courses individually (ranging from $39-$199), or (2) purchase a site-license that allows EVERYONE on your volunteer team to access EVERYTHING on YMU for only $249 (it's over $1000 if you bought individually and it renews annually for only $99... that's $8.25 a month). New volunteers can onboard and learn the same content your veterans have already learned. It's your go-to training platform.

Purchase a course for yourself

You'll learn a ton and grow in your youth ministry skills. Affordable, work at your own pace with courses you OWN and complete for just yourself.


Purchase the church-wide site-license for UNLIMITED access for EVERYONE!

With one click of a button add ALL of your volunteers and they'll get immediate access to EVERYTHING on the site... as well as new sessions added regularly!

Church YMU Site License

Just $249.99 w/$99 annual renewal

Over 50,000 volunteer youth workers trained!

  • Youth Ministry 101 (6 sessions)
  • Youth Ministry 201 (8 sessions)
  • Youth Ministry 301 (6 sessions)
  • Youth Ministry 401 (7 sessions)
  • Purpose Driven Youth Ministry Training Course (6 sessions)
  • AND... EVERY CLASS on the entire site! It's the Netflix buffet of Youth Ministry training!
  • New sessions released EVERY quarter!
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Everything for ALL of your volunteers means unlimited access to ALL videos - it's the Netflix of youth ministry training!


See more than one course that interests you? Save BIG BUCKS by signing up for a site-license and enjoy unlimited classes. Any class, any time, you’ll get access to them ALL!  

Learn from the experts

The best-selling youth ministry books of the last few decades are represented by our all-star line-up of instructors. This list includes veterans, youth ministry professors, thought-leaders, innovators, and practicers. There is NOTHING in the world of youth ministry like this gathering of leaders/instructors. 

Doug Fields
Reggie Joiner
Dr. Virgina Ward
Dr. Walt Mueller
Heather Flies
Dr. Chap Clark
Katie Edwards
Josh Griffin
Dr. Kara Powell

& more than a dozen other leading voices

in youth ministry with more being added each quarter!

Meet all the YMU instructors

There's even more classes inside! Learn how Youth Ministry University works 

It's simple! Train 1 or 1000 of your volunteers with dozens of options from great instructors. Buy an individual course... or... for BEST VALUE, purchase a church-wide-site-license and all your volunteers can be trained on any device any time they want. We will be adding new content so they'll never run out of training opportunities. Train your leaders and watch what happens to the health of your youth ministry. 

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