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  • Youth Ministry¬†101-401 Courses
  • Evidence for Faith Course
  • Student Leaders, Marriage Courses, Training for Parents
  • Learning to Create KILLER Programs
  • + more & ALL future courses!
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OR ... if the YMU All Access Membership isn't for you, these courses are available individually:

Youth Ministry Course 101

Start here! 6 great sessions covering skills and essentials to be an effective youth worker… just take a look! $49

This Course Includes

Youth Ministry Course 201

8 valuable sessions addressing discipleship, social media, working with difficult teenagers and much more! $49

This Course Includes

Youth Ministry Course 301

6 more! Youth culture, avoiding burnout, caring for hurting teenagers, leader or friend and much more! $49

This Course Includes

Youth Ministry Course 401

You’re almost done! 7 MORE sessions on teamwork, shepherding, speaking, staying sharp, asking great questions & teaching on sex! $49

This Course Includes

Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

Learn the biblical and eternal purposes of the church and how they apply to your youth ministry! $129

This Course Includes

Developing Student Leaders

Imagine what it would mean for our churches, our communities, and the Kingdom if every student recognized their individual leadership style, unique gifts, and sense of purpose and confidently declared the Good News of Jesus with their lives. $39

This Course Includes

First Few Years of Marriage

The perfect compliment to the book The First Few Years of Marriage, or an awesome stand-alone tune up for your marriage! $39

This Course Includes

Understanding Your Teenager

It’s designed to tackle the key issues of the teen years. As we begin the journey of how to successfully parent teenagers, there is some important ground to cover first so that you can ultimately become the parent you long to be and the parent your teenager needs you to be. So buckle up your seat belt. You are in for a ride. $39

This Course Includes

Evidence for Faith

Let YMU — and scholars Josh and Sean McDowell, co-authors of Evidence That Demands a Verdict—help you equip your leaders to tackle these deep conversations and tough questions with confidence. $39

This Course Includes

Quick Hits Training Library

5 killer sessions from the National Day of Training speakers in all-new presentations. More added regularly as well! $99

This Course Includes

Developing a Family Ministry

One of the purposes of the church is to mentor parents, parents’ mentor their kids and the legacy of faith continues from generation to generation. $89

This Course Includes

Parenting for a Faith That Lasts

In this helpful and practical parenting course, youth ministry experts and veteran parents tackle helpful topics for today’s parent. These 6 videos won’t solve every parenting issue, but they’ll definitely provide parents with some very helpful content they can immediately add to their parenting toolbox. $69

This Course Includes

Quick Hits Training Library 2

We're back with another 6-session course to help you reach new heights as a youth workers. Also includes 3 additional couch conversations to help challenge you as well! $99

This Course Includes

Learn to Create KILLER Youth Ministry Programs

Most youth workers are tasked with creating a weekly program. There's a lot of pressure on those gatherings and expectations are high and attention spans are short. So you want to create better programs? THIS is the course for you! $79

This Course Includes

Quick Hits Training Library Volume 3

7 brand new youth ministry training videos from some of your favorite instructors, including: How to Have Great Conversations w/Teenagers, Parent Ministry and 10 Tips from Camp Counselors and much more! $99

I Want to Be a Student Leader

Unlock your full leadership potential! Designed specifically for teenagers, this course will equip you with the tools and skills necessary to become a confident and effective leader in your school, community, and beyond. Join us today and start your journey towards success! $49

NEW! MinistrySafe Child Safety 

Now included in All Access! The Child Safety Workshop describes an effective Safety System protecting children from sexual abuse in church and ministry environments. Lead youth workers be SURE to watch this course and consider sharing it with your volunteer team. FREE