Evidence for the Faith Apologetics Course

Let YMU—and scholars Josh and Sean McDowell, co-authors of Evidence That Demands a Verdict—help you equip your leaders to tackle these deep conversations and tough questions with confidence.

These two world-renown apologists just launched a brand new video course on YM University.

This course, Evidence for Faith, includes six 10-minute videos that will give your leaders the tools they need to answer the more difficult questions about our faith… in a way students can understand. They can get all this while watching in their pajamas—YMU is so easy to use.

Evidence for Faith
Whether you’ve been following Jesus for 5 minutes, 5 years, or 50 years, it’s important to understand what you believe and why. That’s why Josh and Sean McDowell believe it is so important for each of us to study Apologetics, so we can provide intelligent answers for the questions we may be asked. In this course, we’ll look at the basics of Apologetics (what is it and why is it important) and then dive deeper in to tackling the big questions, positive evidence for Christianity, and the person and resurrection of Jesus.

SESSION 1: What is Apologetics?
In this first of six sessions, Josh and Sean McDowell walk us through the basics of the study of Apologetics (giving evidence for faith) unpacking the value of understanding what we, as Christians, believe and why. 

SESSION 2: What is Truth?
In this second session, Josh and Sean explain subjective versus objective claims and help set a framework for Truth--how we can find it, and how it relates to faith and freedom. 

SESSION 3: Tackling the Big Questions
Why does God allow evil and suffering? How can God send someone to Hell? In this session, Josh and Sean will address some of the biggest questions that cause many to doubt Christianity. 

SESSION 4: Positive Evidence for the Christian Faith
In the first half of the course, we looked at many of the reasons people may doubt Christianity. In this session, Josh and Sean McDowell will begin to provide evidence that the Bible is true by applying three tests widely accepted as the method to evaluate the authenticity and accuracy of historic documents. 

SESSION 5: Is Jesus God?
Now that we’ve looked at evidence for the Bible, Josh and Sean turn to the person of Jesus. In this session, we will look at who Jesus claimed himself to be and why it is important to our lives today.

SESSION 6: The Resurrection of Jesus
The Christian faith rests--or falls--on the historical resurrection. In this final session, Josh and Sean will look at arguments to support Jesus’ death and resurrection using the support of the scripture and additional eyewitness accounts outside of the Bible.