DYMU + Vineyard Youth's Volunteer Training 101-401

Who doesn't want their adult leaders better trained? Now, it's simple and super affordable.

Get all 4 Courses 101-401 (25+ sessions!) in one big bundle for one low price & begin training your entire team! Each leader will be given their own log-in and access to all the videos.

Bless, reward, and challenge your leaders by providing them access to on-demand training! You can choose to guide them toward particular Sessions or allow them the freedom to grow on their own and work their way toward a Certificate in Youth Ministry (only available upon completing 101-401 and taking a simple test at the end of each session). 

DYMU + Vineyard Youth's Volunteer 101 Video Training

Start here! 8 great sessions covering skills and essentials to be an effective youth worker… just take a look!

30+ year youth ministry veteran and author Doug Fields from session 4 in YM101

If you’ve been serving students for 20 minutes or 20 years, we believe you can always benefit from some solid, practical youth ministry training. Leaders are learners and if you want to be a more effective leader you must continue to learn—and we’re happy to help you! 

This first course is packed with essential topics that will lay a foundation for you being more successful in your ministry. We’ll start at the very beginning and walk you through the needed character qualities in all good youth workers, how to remember names, and give you some insights into developing deeper relationships with teenagers. 

If you’re a rookie you’re about to be exposed to what is needed in the adventure of serving students. If you’re a veteran, you already understand that healthy leaders must continue to grow and learn, and we’re proud to know there are leaders like you who want to master some youth ministry essentials. 

Youth Ministry 101 includes an introduction as well as these these eight 10-minute training videos including an outline and journal/discussion questions on these important topics:

  • WELCOME: Vineyard Training (Christian Dunn)
  • SESSION 1: Leaders Commit to Learning (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 2: Three Essential Traits for All Youth Workers  (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 3: Remembering Names in Youth Ministry (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 4: Understanding Relational Ministry  (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 5: Understanding the Students You’re Working With (Chap Clark
  • SESSION 6: Pastoral Care with Teenagers (Katie Edwards)
  • SESSION 7: Naturally Supernatural: Part 1(Dave Paolozzi)
  • SESSION 8: Naturally Supernatural: Part 2 (Dave Paolozzi)

DYMU + Vineyard Youth's Volunteer 201 Video Training

10 valuable sessions addressing discipleship, social media, working with difficult teenagers and much more! 

 Reggie Joiner, founder of Orange, teaches students in Session 2 in YM201

This second of 101-401 trainings will provide you with more quality youth ministry training. After the “honeymoon season” of working with teenagers wears off you’ll most likely begin to move into some tougher stuff and we’re here to help you navigate those issues.

In this course we’ll answer the question that hits all of us from time to time—am I really making a difference? In addition, we’ll train you in some basic discipleship essentials and help you gather an increased focus on relational ministry. Beyond that, other sessions include helping you discipline your students—an unpleasant but necessary skill to possess. We’ll also show you how to make the most out of opportunities in the 10-Minute Rule, and share some practical tips on how to be a responsible leader with your own social media.

Wow! There’s a lot in this course and the teaching comes from some of the most experienced and trusted voices in youth ministry.

Youth Ministry 201 includes these ten 10-minute training videos as well as an outline and journal/discussion questions on these important topics:

  • SESSION 1: Ever Wonder If You’re Making a Difference? (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 2: Five Discipleship Essentials (Reggie Joiner)
  • SESSION 3: Enhancing Relational Ministry (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 4: Discipline in Youth Ministry (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 5: The 10-Minute Rule (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 6: How to Be a Good Youth Worker on Social Media  (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 7: Mental Health Awareness (Craig Lomax, intro by Kay Warren)
  • SESSION 8:  Suicide Prevention and Detection (Craig Lomax & Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 9:  Theology of Suffering (Thomas McKellick)
  • SESSION 10:  Already and Not Yet (Christian Dunn)

DYMU + Vineyard Youth's Volunteer 301 Video Training

8 more! Youth culture, avoiding burnout, caring for hurting teenagers, leader or friend and much more! 

 Minnesota youth pastor & speaker Heather Flies in session 6 in YM301

The topics in this 301 course will push you into some more difficult and deeper youth ministry territory. We’ll start by talking about what doesn’t change in the life of a student, and give you a better understanding of the teenage culture. We also lean into the troublesome side of working in youth ministry and how you can avoid burnout. As with each course, we desire for you to grow in not just your skills but also in your heart, so we’ve got a session on helping teens in their mess as well as some guidance on the fine balance between leader and friend and how much you should personally share from your story.

Youth Ministry 301 includes these eight 10-minute training videos as well as an outline and journal/discussion questions on these important topics:

  • SESSION 1: Digital Discipleship? (Walk Mueller)
  • SESSION 2: Understanding Youth Culture (Jonathan McKee)
  • SESSION 3: Avoiding Burnout (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 4: Are You a Friend or the Leader? (Josh Griffin)
  • SESSION 5: 5 Ways to Care for Teens When They’re Hurting (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 6: Sharing My Personal Failure Stories (Heather Flies)
  • SESSION 7: Soul Care for the Leader (Jenna Stepp)
  • SESSION 8: Everyone Gets to Play (Patrick Campbell)

DYMU + Vineyard Youth's Volunteer 401 Video Training

You’re almost done! 7 sessions on teamwork, shepherding, speaking, staying sharp, asking great questions & more!


YM401 is advanced training, and you'll get a completion certificate at the end!

Congratulations! If you’re taking the 401 Course you’re in the home-stretch toward a very fancy DYMU Certificate in Youth Ministry (you must complete 101-401 to receive the certificate).

We’ve saved 401 to include some more advanced training on what makes a healthy youth ministry team and how you can last for the long-haul. We’ve also included a frank discussion on talking to students about sex (you’re welcome).

Youth Ministry 401 includes these seven 10-minute training videos as well as an outline and journal/discussion questions on these important topics:

  • SESSION 1: 5 Characteristics of Teamwork (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 2: Caring for All and Connecting with a Few (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 3: Speaking to Teenagers: Where Everyone Has a Role in Communicating (Doug Fields)
  • SESSION 4: Learnings to Ask Great Questions (Scott Rubin)
  • SESSION 5: How to Talk to Students About Sex (Jim Burns)
  • SESSION 6: Growing Young - Keychain Leadership (Kara Powell)
  • SESSION 7: Compassionate Ministry (Ray Longwood)

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Vineyard USA is committed to training volunteer youth workers across the country and is excited to partner with Doug Fields & Josh Griffin’s from Download Youth Ministry  Our passion and their 50+ year combined years of youth ministry experience is now available to help train, shape, and resource you as a youth worker. In addition, they’ve invited some of the key thought leaders in youth ministry to chime in and add to your youth ministry education. Each class is only 10 minutes each but they’re filled with wisdom, insight, and helpful tips to make you more effective. Experience one Session… or, consider taking the sessions to complete a full course level … or, better yet, complete all 25+ Sessions (101-401) to receive a DYMU certificate and be join the growing list of DYMU graduates.