Learn to Program Like a Pro

We created this course to share our years of knowledge and experience in programming with you! With that being said, each session was created to help you gain practical and helpful programming skills.  

With about 70 minutes of course time total (~12 minutes per session), this course is PACKED with practical tips on programming your youth ministry.


We had SO much fun writing, filming, and releasing these sessions. Our hope and prayer is that these not only encourage you as you lead your ministry, but empowers you practically. 

Session 1: The Key to Effective Programming

In this session, Josh Griffin discusses the key to youth ministry programming. Everything we do is the message (not only our sermon). Josh challenges us to ask: what is our environment communicating to students? Josh leads us to consider students' experience from the street to their seats and guides us with insight to create an engaging, warm, and inviting environment in our youth ministry spaces, even BEFORE our service begins.


youth group programming session 1

Session 2: Go with the flow (of service)

In this session, Josh Griffin lets us in on his thought process when putting together a great youth ministry program. We see how he organizes each programming element as he drops his best tips for creating a great service flow that keeps students engaged and having fun! Practical, helpful, and creative - this is good stuff - LET'S GO!

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Session 3: Hosting 101

Few things are worse than an awkward or ill-prepared host. Truth is, the host can make or break a program. In this session, Josh shares some basic pro-tips you can use this week to immediately become better on stage. Some you’ll know, some will be new, all will be helpful reminders to put in the effort to be great whenever you’re called up on stage.

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Session 4: Hosting 201

So, you’re pretty good on stage. Let's take it to the next level and help you be great! We've got some advanced tips and tricks for you as you host every week in your youth ministry. This session is sure to take your hosting to Master Jedi status!


Session 5: 6 Things To Stop Saying From Stage

It happens to the best of us, we say weird stuff when leading youth services! So here’s some sage advice on things to stop saying and some things to make sure you DO say as you take the stage in your youth ministry program. 
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Session 6: 6 Questions To Evaluate Your Program

Our friend Justin takes on the importance of evaluation to help make your program better from week to week. A simple mistake is to keep on going without a pause to make sure you're accomplishing your goals and staying on target.